From The Sidelines

From The Sidelines

3 Episodes

Millions saw the stream, now get the full story. The Sidemen Charity Match 2023 was the biggest live YouTube event of all time - From The Sidelines is an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the Sidemen, and their teams, made it happen.

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From The Sidelines
  • From The Sidelines | Episode 1: History

    Episode 1

    To get the full story of the Sidemen Charity Match 2023, the boys take things back to the start, exclusively telling the story of how the idea was formed, and the previous matches that lead up to 2023’s event.

  • From The Sidelines | Episode 2: The Machine

    Episode 2

    A lot of work behind the scenes goes into planning an event as big as the Charity Match - follow the Sidemen and their team as they build the biggest live event in Youtube history

  • From The Sidelines | Episode 3: Legacy

    Episode 3

    Months of planning all lead up to this: Match Day. Follow the Sidemen, their team, and the biggest creators on earth as everyone comes together in the name of charity.